Blue Man

Date: 6/11/2017

By jadebrowne88

Was in a big building, went to a room where they wanted to do experiments on me, I left. Felt like someone was following me or going to get me. Left the building and was walking around. Then my husband was with me and we went into a restaurant, he was waiving a gun around. I wasn't very nervous, almost like I knew it wasn't real life and that I was just dreaming. Then we got kicked out. And I was mad so I walked away. Seemed like we were in Europe. I went and sat down on the concrete. He thought I was going to leave him there even though I was sitting. It seemed like he was a girl for a second. And she rode a bike in my direction and hit a numb bc he/she was drunk and fell off the bike and hit his/her head really hard. I ran over he/she turned back into my husband. A bunch of people gathered around bc they saw what had happened. I have my husband a big hug. Told him I loved him and it would be alright. Then some monks showed up and started talking to him. Then....... There was blue man with the third eye. He was very tall, muscular and handsome. He talked to my husband and encouraged him to change and go with the monks. Then my husband decided to go live with the monks. Then I woke up. I wasn't sure how long he would be gone but I was ok with it. Which I have a big fear of him just leaving randomly already. The blue man is what really got me thinking. I want to know who he is. He made me feel safe.