money dream

Date: 1/28/2017

By jaiddreams00

I dreamt that we were living in the apartment I live in now but the set up was different like my room was Aaron's room and the bed was on the other side and Cian wasn't born yet and me and my mom shared a room anyway the dream skipped ahead and I was sitting in the room with Aaron and he said don't tell anyone and was putting stacks and stacks of money in ziplock bags under his bead alone with a binder that had picture and notebook and printer paper anyway and then we all go to sleep I don't tell anyone and when everyone wakes up Aaron leaves to go to work and I go and tell my mom and show her underneath Aaron's bed and we start pulling out the money and the binder keep in mind Aaron had his blinds open so people could see in and the parking lot was right in front of the window so we can see when Aaron's coming back so we start take hundreds dollars bills out of each stack so he won't notice and they will all be even I get about $1,400 I don't know how much she got but then we see Aaron and I start helping her back up and I grab out papers and tell her to go in the room and then I run and hide my money inside the second organization box in my room the purple ones and put it on the side of my dresser and run back in Aaron's room to grabs my papers I grabbed and put the binder away he asked what I was doing in there when he walked in and I told him I was getting papers and went back to my room the next day was moving day I think and I grabbed my money out of the box and planned to spend $100 dollars on an ounce of weed and then $1000 for a down payment on a car and $300 for drivers Ed