Day 1

Date: 1/26/2017

By Mauricio

It was a dark atmosphere, like a theater scene in a black background. I saw my ex fighting with his actual boyfriend. I work on a starbucks-like place between some apartments, i take a knife and look for him and cut his throat, but he didn't bleed and keep yelling at me, i open all his throat and start feeling guilty so i just run. My ex ask me for an uber and i saw she went 200 miles away and it cost me 2000 dollars. Then i went to school, same as i went, but in the same black atmosphere and i was in the same class that i used to have but there were different people, some of them i didn't knew. I see my ex coming back and feel sorrow and love at the same time, I hold her hand. !Plof! Wake Up Music: No TABS(Thinking About Before Sleep): My Ex, those apartments. Facts: I never can stab someone in my dreams, it felt like the knife is a gum and their skins are steel. I will always write if i was listening to music while i sleep or who i was thinking about to try to find patterns.