My Grandparents Chinese Style Mansion

Date: 7/29/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at my grandparents house, and my grandma was still alive. Their house was the same general layout but was of fancy royal Chinese architectural design and was much larger, like a mansion. First, I was in a bedroom that was my own. It was large and had its own little kitchenette area. But the space was cluttered, the light was dim and gloomy. I was in the kitchen, at the sink, bitterly thinking that I could just stay in my room and never come out (I guess I was mad at someone). I was washing dishes I think, and when I turned the garbage disposal on, some weird yellow scrambled egg looking stuff came out of it. I was highly disturbed by this and could even taste a weird sickly sweet taste in my mouth looking at it. I was so disgusted that I left my room. Throughout the rest of the dream I could taste the sickly sweetness in my mouth and was just grossed out and grumpy. I went into the living room where there was a bunch of hustle bustle. My family members running around doing stuff (I really only remember seeing Grandma and my aunt). Someone was moving into the house. My brother Keegan walked by with boxes full of stuff and went down the hall where my room and others were. I suppose everyone else was helping with the moving, but they weren't carrying anything. The front door of the house was open, and beyond it it looked like the house was on top of a mountain or something. All I could see was sky and clouds. I noticed my cat Leelu sitting on the floor, and became terrified that she would run out the front door and run away from home. Sure enough, as I thought that, she darted for the door. I ran after her, passing by grandma who was like "oh no!" Outside, Leelu ran off toward the side of the house where the garage was. I didn't really look around, but the outside looked like the Emperors Palace or something. Red pillars, black and red shiny walls with wooden panels and golden wall decorations, but still the same general shape of my grandparents house. I could see trees over the of the roof but that's it. Beyond their driveway was just sky and clouds. I chased after Leelu and saw her run underneath the garage door that was up about half a foot (she's way too fat for that irl). I opened the garage door and found her sitting in the corner. The garage looked exactly like it does irl, not oriental at all. I snatched Leelu up and went back toward the front of the house. At the door, I was met by an Asian couple, a young man and a woman. The woman had a cool red dyed streak in her hair, while the man had stylish short hair and ear piercings. They both looked pretty smug. I thought "what are they doing here?" And the woman answered with "I live here, dummy!" I didn't even react to the fact she just read my mind. I told her "Oh, sorry for being a dummy." She looked at me shocked and said "what do you mean?!" "You just called me a dummy." I replied, and she apologized graciously as she did not realize she had actually said that (maybe we read each other's minds? Or I actually had spoken before and didn't realize it?). I was snuggling Leelu to my face for the whole conversation. We went inside and I don't remember anything else.