Bad lands

Date: 5/4/2019

By martinbaldos

I was part of an org. Not sure on what really was happening but i woke up from a dream and tht dream was about a mission that was just about to happen.y boss who was with me that time saw me woke up and told him that i got caught. Same time the person whom i was going with came in. I didn't tell him what happened. So the mission was a go and the rule was we needed to share a black cloak with a black sphere so we can be unseen. It's a vampires house so all were black. That same time there was a knock on our gates and no one was there but it seems like a preemptive attack so we headed out. The boss gave me my own cloak and sphere so i can do my own surveillance. We got to the house and there were ghosts everywhere which glowed green but we can't be seen. Until we got to the place where allucard, our target, was. Then my partner, i found out was a double agent. So he was there to sell me out so i just hid myself near a wall and didn't move until my time came. Then someone came and they welcomed him. He was a sensory type so he would be able to sense where i was. I saw a queen who gave birth 7monsters every few minutes. Then the man, who git a piece of my hair or clothes, mixed it with something and made the dogs smell it. They found me and i punched out of the wall and ran. I told the boss what happened but the base was already under attack and only a few survived. And iron man came and said it was his fault. He threw me up the air and someone caught me and transported me somewhere through a wormhole of somekind. It looked like a jump point. He also went through and had his suit removed and my partner came back but they didn't know what happened yet. So iron man had himself checked by a machine and while lying down face down he was shot by my partner with 5 arrows to the back. But he already figured iut what will happen so it wasn't really him lying down but a type of solid hologram. So i escaped but not so far away. There was going to be a big explosion going to happen so i alerted everyone. There was panic everywhere. Now i found car with a family but the car stalled, i helped them start it so i could hitch a ride. While they were inside i was outside just hanging from the driver side and helping with by just pushing my foot to help with speed. Suddenly i noticed that the other cars weren't behind us but they took a different route. Then i suddenly remembered from one of my past dreams, they didn't survive the blast so i told them where to go but a groupd of barangay tanods were shooting people due to mass panic and everyone was just out of their minds. Trying to help the family escape i told them to go a certain way and I'll distract the bad guys. When i reached them they said they won't go the way i told them to go and then i just left them. I ran and went on my own and some kids were already holding their own knives so i got my own kitchen knife, and fended some of them, when i got to the train, i left the knife outside cause weapons aren't allowed in. I think i got away from all the trouble. Then i woke up.