The Necromancer

Date: 5/3/2019

By WerewolfKitties

The story follows a villain who was a victim of harsh bullying. I kept hearing the phrase “my teeth were filed down to nails” in a gravelly voice. I lived in an apartment with a tall lanky friend. Day by day, the dream showed me how he killed people. All he needed to do was look at them and it would send the people jumping off of the building. But his name was the Necromancer because he could also bring people back to life to frighten the living. His mouth was horribly disfigured. The setting is my apartment building. I knew all of my neighbors and I lived with the lanky deaf man. Over the past few days I was showed how he killed people and I learned their stories. I would follow the victims as they ran through the halls trying to get away from him but were unable to. I learned about the deaths as a tenant. When there were only my friends in the building left and some recently made orphans, we were packing up to leave. It was during the day so we thought we were safe but we were wrong. Someone died down the hall from us. The lanky deaf man saw them fall to their deaths. He rushed back to warn me. He told me what happened and tried to decide a plan to get out. Some of our neighbors begged to get inside and we let them. We learned that when the man attacked, sometimes he left survivors like children or people that were visibly flawed like he was. With the remaining survivors gathered in my apartment, we decided to make a run for it. There was a secret door at the back of my apartment that led to the attack. Banking on the idea that we knew the building better than he did, we left through it. He was right on our tails once we left the short cut. We came out on some stairs that left to the exit but then his voice filled my head. He told me he had teeth filed down to nails and a horribly disfigured face In an awful scratchy voice all due to bullying he suffered as a child. Through the trauma he turned to dark magic and became the necromancer. All of the dead bodies that had littered the ground around our building burst through the exit rushing toward us. Forcing us to run up the stairs to the attic. I picked up the children and ran up the stairs. one of my neighbors ran around a corner but came face to face with the man and backed up out of fright. But having seen his eyes, she ran toward the attic window and jumped out. We were trapped and scared. I woke up with my chest hurting and fear pumping through my body.