Saw my ex in my dream and my boyfriend? weird?

Date: 1/18/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

The dream started with me at work, as a Cashier at Krogers just doing my job. Than it changes am at my old High school Wilson Central High school and I look around and it's still the class of 2016 was there. So I was still at school but I graduated already. I start walking around and I bump into my ex boyfriend Jared and he smiles and at mans we walk and talk around the school and I bump into my boyfriend Anthony and we all walk together around the school than Anthony ask me if we can walk alone and I say yes and than Jared said he will wait because he has to talk to me too. So I'm walking with Anthony And he holds my hand then he gets down on one knee "Breanna would you do my the honor of going to Prom with me?" He gets back up off the floor and I wrap my arms around him and we kissed of "course I will go with you sweetie" Than I we head back and we are both smiling and holding hands and when we come back Jared talking to one of Anthony friends and when they see us Jared is the first to say something " oh you're back we need to talk as well it's Important" Jared looks at me and smiles I look at Anthony "it's okay sweetie I will e back soon I will join for lunch this might take some time" Anthony lets go of my hand and walk toward Jared "ready?" He nods and we head off than we find a place where we can talk alone and once we do Jared is the first to talk "Breanna, allow me speak first please" I nods first than Jared continues " Breanna I miss you and I am so so so sorry I hurt you the way I did over the years and yet you always were there for me. When you stopped caring I realized I missed you so much when you were not there for me anymore. He pulls me close and he starts to get all Teary-eyed I am so sorry I hurt you I still love you so much" he holds me so close I can hear his heart beat "Jared " I say "Jared it's okay I always loved you I just got tired of being hurt from you all the time and you not caring like you said you did when I am broken down in tears and you just sit there with no expression on your face it me so deeply you never realized how badly you hurt me,but I will always love you, always but you had four years to fix all the wrong you did and you never fixes it you left it there" Me and Jared just stand there and hold each other close as he cries on me and I keep hearing him say "I love you so much Breanna, I will always love you no one can replace you" than once he get stops crying the still holds than he Whispers in my ear " grant me one last wish or request if you will" I nod "of Course Jared" Jared leans back and he smiles as see one more tear on down his face. I smile one last time. Jared leans in on me and he pulls me close and I also up against the wall and Jared leans in and kisses me hard and he cried again and since it his last kiss I kiss him back and we kiss for while. Than when we separated Jared dries up his tears "Now you grant me one last wish now Jared" he looks at me and nods " what is that!" I hug his close i" I will miss you Jared and I will always think of you or have something that reminds me of you in some way" After we hit we head back to meet up with Anthony at lunch than I wake up.