I got an autograph from Chris Cornell 👌

Date: 6/6/2019

By pearlgardeninchains

Last night, I had a dream about, well, what the title says. There’s more to it, however. So, there I was, getting an autograph from Chris Cornell (and I think the rest of Soundgarden too). It was honestly awesome. But then, something happened- Like a reality shift? Idk. Basically, that moment shifted another moment where I was just sitting in my room holding the autograph in my hand. It was a signed vinyl record. Well, records. I think I did actually get autographs from the whole band because there were multiple records, but they might’ve all just been signed by Chris. Anyways, memories started filling my head. They were memories of me actually buying the autographed records from someone instead of getting it personally signed. I realized then that it wasn’t before Chris’ death, so I knew then that, yup, I had to have bought them. It all just hit me and I got deeply sad inside my dream because I remembered Chris’ death, and I knew anyone else or I would ever be able to see him ever again and all of that stuff. I think I might’ve tested up in the dream? Idk. But I think I got more sad knowing that the autographs weren’t even personal and that I’d never get a personal one. I woke up around this part of the dream. The dream made me sad for the rest of the morning because it reminded me of him right when I was starting to accept his death more, but I got through it.