Date: 4/8/2017

By Megarnodavinci

I was at a convention. But I arrived early. And then I saw jacksepticeye alone and I called his name and he saw my face and I ran too him and wrapped my arms tightly around him. I gave him a comment around a game on YouTube because I think he mentioned one. And I said that was my comment! And I asked for Mum to take a picture. And I herd the camera as I hugged him really tightly. Then I asked for another picture. Because I wasn't looking and then I hugged him and looked at the camera. And he smiled and then I told him to "keep doing what your doing because your amazing and you deserve as much love in the world." Then I approached these stairs and he came behind me and we were in awe at this area with water and blue buttterflies. He said he wanted to jump and touch them like when the butterfly's in 'certain game' gave him tattoos. He wanted to jump in the water but was scared of messing up the display. Then lastly I then found him in loads of black and white eye hoodies and jeans. And I said "omg you look so spoopy!!" And he laughed and gave me another hug. And then I kinda fell to floor and he gave me his legs to hold and I held them tightly. And he smiled and like put his knee on my back kinda as comfort. I asked for another picture and I said "can I have another one on a mac(?) instead jack because this is only a dream." And he got up and walked with me in a hallway in the convection and said over his shoulder "Awh it's okay, fuck if it's a dream or not. At least ya got to see me." And I smiled and then I think he hugged me one last time. And we laughed.