topgolf skip with stranger

Date: 8/30/2019

By naz132

i met this black stranger in this lobby of like a hotel. she was a cute girl who i later found out was 24.we both work at topgolf and were late. we ran around tge building with these other two guys and it reminded me of a room that belongs to mr david dean. there was a downstairs staircase in the room and an elevator outside. there was a pile of clothes in a hamper that i knocked over too. then we rushed down there in a lyft after riding the elevators for a bit. the place kinda looks like rcbc and i see andrew, christiana, megan etc. adaysha is a bartender and these two white guys next to us kept bothering the girl and touching her until i told them to stop. adaysha served them a bottle of wine and joked and said heres your water. we stop to eat food cuz its payday and i tell her we should eat outside so we don’t get caught then i woke up.