Date: 8/5/2019

By kellogsminions

I remember like setting on a mission. I’m with two individuals inside a car. They’re both female, the one driving was older than us. I think I know them. Fast forward, the other girl and I were up top on a kind of like bell tower overlooking this ‘pier’ of some sort. I remember her talking to me about the mission while I was changing my clothes and slipping into something more formal? Or casual? It was a summer dress that rested until mid-thigh. It was super flowy. I think she praised me on how fast I changed or how fast I got there, it’s a bit hazy. Fast forward again. I was standing on that ‘pier’ walking absentmindedly while keeping my eyes peeled for the elusive package my mission was about. It was then I met this man. He was a little bit older than me, about two or three years older. I remember thinking he was handsome, even though I can’t recall his face. I don’t think I know him, not like the two girls I was with before. He approached me which was a little weird since my dream self was just walking around. I don’t remember what we talked about, the only thing I remember was that I felt comfortable and happy around him but I have this nagging feeling that he wasn’t a ‘good guy’. We just kept talking as we walked towards one of the docks. I think there was a private viewing or a party of some sorts when we got there. There were lots of people, but not to the point that it’s packed. There were also those high tables that fancy people have when they have parties. They also have fairy lights hanging on the poles, and music but I don’t remember what it was it just sounded light and slow. The water crashed beneath the pier, its state completely different from our calm and collected manner up top. I remember this guy leading me to the end of the pier, overlooking the sea. It was nighttime so I remember the stars and moon at their brightest. But then I also saw the package, the mission I was sent to do. It was just there, just sitting on the edge of the pier where everyone can see it. I was about to snatch it but I was whisked away by mystery man. He guided me as we danced and I remember the package fading away from my mind as we danced and laughed. I felt really happy that moment even though I got the sense that I shouldn’t be this happy with someone who could be the enemy. But I am, and I didn’t care. That’s the time I woke up.