coloring and a phone case

Date: 3/31/2019

By lmaozariya

I was coloring some character from a video game and with precision too because I had to get all the colors right. It was some teal girl idk, and now that I think about it it was possible it’s was a character from steven universe. Also, some girl had a phone case of mine i guess and apparently it was gone, I asked her where it was and she said it was with one of my friends named jade but started to cry because she didn’t know where her original phone case was. So i went to jade to get my phone case and I text her for it, and she was like “lmao i was looking around for my phone it woke me up😭” and i was like okay lmao can i have my phone case and then it jumped to her being in some random hallway i don’t remember , but she was a cheerleader and they all ran really quick to her to take a picture and i was like damn people move fast just to take pictures. after that i woke up.