Sex with a ghost?

Date: 8/31/2019

By jikook69

I was in my room, and I was pretending not to know they were throwing me a surprise birthday party. I just watched some videos until my friend Nina came in and we were hanging out, when in walks Edward from our school (I was surprised he had made it seeing as he's so popular and kind of a fuckboy). Nina knew I had a small crush on him so she went out for a bit leaving us alone, he dropped off his gift and then started flirting with me a bit, telling me how beautiful I was, and how hot I looked. His hand was next to mine on the bed so I grabbed it and put it under my shirt and his other on my hip where he started playing with my breasts (I didn't have a bra on). He was just about to go in for a kiss, when his brother came in and told him they were leaving now. His brother looked at me and smirked for bit looking at me cleavage, before Ed punched him in the arm so he'd look away. The party moved outside and into the living room. I guess everyone I ever knew was invited because cousin's and friends from when I was little (that I didn't keep in contact with) came over. We were chatting and catching up so I didn't mind. But I guess in this reality mythical creatures and people with magic was a thing because a guy who could turn into a dragon came, along with one who could turn into a Griffin. They fought for a bit before a guy who looked vaguely like Hades or Anubis came in and gloomily sat in a corner. He looked over for me his eyes begging me to come over, so I did. As soon as I got within distance he stood up and gave me a sweet slow kiss that made me melt a little. I placed my hand on his muscular chest and pushed away before it became too passionate. No one had noticed they were to engrossed in the fight between the dragon and the griffin. He pressed me up against the wall (rather carefully which I found endearing) and gave me a look that told me in my dream we had something, "What is it?" I said trying to get him to tell me, he looked hurt that I didn't remember. He lifted my thighs up and I locked them around his waist. My arms slowly finding their way to his shoulders and neck, so that I wouldn't fall, as he took me to my room. He sat me on his lap and I kind of straddled him, which made me feel a bit turned on, but I tried not to show it. I got off of him and took a seat next to him on my bed, when I noticed the figure of a sexy girl sleeping on a beanbag in the corner. I looked at her, and as if feeling my gaze she woke up. Her loose tank top showed me she wasn't wearing a bra and if I looked hard enough from my angle I could see her nipples. Which I did, seeing as she gave me a seductive look followed by a smirk when she noticed tall, dark, and mysterious sitting next to me. She got up and started walking towards me, but it was as if he couldn't see her. She pulled off her top to reveal she was only wearing a wet pair of white panties that showed me everything. I knew only I could see her so I said, "What's going on." The guy looked up confused, but responded simply with, "I need you for this next quest." He couldn't see what was going on, but the girl was fingering herself and opening the lips of her pussy, the smell made me feel so horny. I let out what sounded like a muffled "Okay." He began filling me in on the details, but the girl stopped abruptly and got on her knees in front of me. She spread my legs, the sudden movement ripping my flimsy panties and she start teasing the outside of my lips. At this point I was quivering and my pussy was exposed to the guy, I was becoming more and more wet, he stared in shock before his cheeks became rosy. I could see him getting hard, but he couldn't see the girl who was eating me out, her skillful tongue playing with my clit making me get closer to my climax. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it out jerking off, as I moaned slowly and as low as I could. The girl ripped open my blouse revealing my breasts, he got bigger if even possible. I glared at the girl and she pulled away licking her lips and winking, just before she was about to make me orgasm. I started fingering myself as I fell on my bed bringing the guy down with me. He landed on top of me his cock slapped my wet insides and he rubbed against the lips as he started to get up. I pulled him back down lining it up with my hole and thrusting against him roughly until he was moving in rhythm with me. His face was so sexy his lips were parted his eyes closed, suddenly he would clench his teeth and let out a rough groan as he thrusted deeply into me. He fucked me until I was screaming and my hips we're moving on there own desperately wanting more, until his name arose from my throat, "JACKSON." His eyes widened as he came inside me suddenly and I felt an orgasm erupt from deep inside me as he filled me with his own. He kissed my neck and breasts, before saying, "What are you gonna tell your friends and family?" But as I was going to deliver a smartass comment, the girl had been watching the whole time, squirted. She gave me a weak thumbs up, and I was woken up.