Theme Park... In SPACE???!!

Date: 8/1/2017

By willowgroves

I was in a theme park and basically we were going up this attraction and we started to notice that people were going missing on the attraction. I was like what, so I went on it to see what it was all about. and then my friend and I went on it together. and there was this count down and then the Yeti started coming out of the wood and it picked up my friend and I passed out with fear. I went out on it again and this time with a complete stranger and the yeti once again went for the stranger but once I saw the yeti in the distance I started running from.tje ride anyway the yeti followed me and found me but he wasn't horrible. it seemed like he only wanted my photo then we were still in the theme park and we went to this racing thing. and we noticed it was the Yeti Vs King Kong. but the problem was that my granddad (the one that died. years ago) was a yeti and that he would change at noon. the park was able to cope with this and just picked him.into his house and when he would be let out, at around 5 o'clock. he would be like at super speed this was all well and good until my mother, who was wanting to be queen for some reason, took the advice of Cersei Lanister to go sleep with kings to find out what it's really like to be queen. And on the way out of this theme park ( which was in space) we noticed that there were two back door entrances to the homes of the yetis and I pointed out that the yeti from the theme park earlier and my granddad the yeti had something in common and that was that they only appeared at certain times in the day. also that it looked like the yeti thing was some sort of disease and if you were bitten by a yeti you would become one. wanting to make profit, the park decided that they would put my granddad the yeti and the other yeti against each other, knowing that they could be turned with extreme emotion meanwhile however, I had been taken down to earth because I wanted to buy a drink which is native there. and my mother and I met up by this huge seated area where I met up with my other friend who offered to take pictures. I said yes and we returned to the space craft but only to find mayhem. it turned out that it had gone wrong and one of the yetis had bitten a human accidentally and they had become one. furthermore, there was literally no where to hide. so on my own, I tried to find somewhere where I would not be found by anyone, human or human alike. I was walking up the stairs to an attraction and also trying to find somewhere which was fire retardant because it seemed that the yeti had started to become able to become a dragon??? however we were all gathered into a room which I pointed out was probably the worst thing to do. and my granddad started to feel the change but he wanted to say goodbye to me first. but by the time he was getting into his house he was already changing and everyone started to flow from the room it turned out, that although he was a yeti he was protecting me from the other yeti as well. and yeah... I think that's all I remember. there was something about inviting a Spanish family to our house because it was safe but they declined because they had another safe house. and also something about the co-op. but that's it!