Lady Death

Date: 3/3/2017

By Liello

It's cold and wet while I run for the coach, its usually always late but ont day that I'm late it's here. I dashed in the door as it was closing. Breathless I appologised and started looking for my ticket the driver grunted and started to drive while I searched. As i stepped forward to show him my ticket he reached out and put his hand up my skirt. Startled I stepped backwards and nearly fell down the step, as I tried to regain my balance something hit me and I fell back down the stairs, against the coach door. Confused and angry I reached up to find something to hold on to while I pulled myself up. I realised to late that I'd grabbed the door handle. I was thrown from the coach tumbling along the side of the road. When I got up it was twilight although it had been morning not long ago, I was scared and lost but I started walking, I didnt know the road but it must lead somewhere. I walked for a while before I heard a voice. 'Why does he always leave them in such difficult places to find?' it was a womans voice although I couldn't see her, the road had become quite narrow and curvy. She appeared somehow from behind me but it didn't startle me, I had never seen her before and yet I knew her, I was not afraid. She was dressed all in black, a victorian style dress and a little hat nestled in her hair. The scythe was tallwr than her but elegant and delicate looking. 'Ah there you are' smiled. 'Will it hurt?' I asked. 'No child its already happened.' I knew then she was telling the truth, I remembered how I had fallen from the coach as it drove. How strange it had seemed that I wasn't hurt... but I had died then, along the road side. 'Come with me' she said and so I fillowed her down a little lane to an old house, the lights inside were warm and inviting. A man longered outside, peering in through the window. 'Wait here.' Death walked toward the man her feet made no sound as she stepped despute the heels she wore. The man turned as she approached, frowning slightly. As she grew closer I realosed he wasn't looking at her but through her. He couldn't see her. She placed her hand over his face then smashed his head back in to the glass pannels of the houses back door. He collapsed to the floor clutching at his bleeding throat, she swung her scythe down and he was still. 'There thats better, come along.' I followed stepping over the man as he started to rise, confusion evident in his face, he made to step in to the house, but Death held up a hand. 'Not you, you wait outside.' Inside the house was warm , Death led me to a bedroom where there were several beds lind hp against the wall, half were empty but the others were filled with girls of various ages. They were all crying and I knew somehow that they were crying for me. Because I had died. Beside me there was a puzzle, two thirds done, in my pocket was a piece, I didnt know how I had it only that I did. I had always had it...