I cant Remember

Date: 2/14/2019

By Jadders

I was gliding down the street as if I was in heelies, but I wasn't, when a big car was heading towards me and I had no breaks, so I couldn't stop. I never actually collided with it, I just sort of blacked out. I then woke up (still in the dream) panicking. I'm realising that this isn't my bed and it's not my room. The bed was a T shape, and the front door was in the wrong place... (I live in a tiny flat) and my kitchen was gone. I look out the window and recognise the street. I'm in the building adjacent to mine. I looked to the right and saw a couple of men I recognised, and they saw me. So I move away from the window and look for my shoes as I'm still already dressed. I can't find them anywhere.. The door to this tiny bedroom then opens. The guy that opened it steps back, and a huge fat guy walks into the room. "I have asthma," he said.. I said, "Yeah, so do I." He says, "Then you'll understand." He then opened the door opposite in the hallway and says "those stinky ass shoes of yours, why are they in the spare room? " .. I start to walk closer to them and see that they aren't mine. He says "you didnt need to shout spider either. ".. I said that I didn't. He then grabs a pen from his pocket and waves it over the floor. A 5-foot spider starts running towards me. It pinned me to the floor and started to use its long legs to make cuts on my arms and wrists. I was saying to all the people there that I honestly can't remember how I got there. They thought the cuts on my arms and wrists were self-harm as they didn't believe me about the spider. They all kept implying that I was drunk.. but I haven't drunk for years, I honestly couldn't remember. Turns out one of them had drugged me, still not sure why.

AI generated interpretation Your dream appears to be expressing feelings of being out of control in some aspect of your life. The gliding down the street without brakes and blacking out as a car approaches suggests a fear of being unable to control a situation and potentially getting hurt. The confusion about your location and the disappearance of familiar elements from your home may represent a loss of your sense of stability and security. The appearance of the fat man with asthma may symbolize a fear of vulnerability, and his accusation of you hiding shoes and shouting about a spider may represent anxiety about being accused of wrongdoing or being misunderstood by others. The appearance of the large spider may indicate a fear of something looming over you that may be perceived as poisonous or dangerous, leading to physical injury. The fact that others in the dream are accusing you of being drunk or on drugs may suggest a fear of others misunderstanding or misjudging you. This could be related to a fear of loss of control over your own reputation or image, or a fear of being judged unfairly. Overall, the dream may be highlighting feelings of overwhelm and a fear of loss of control in some aspect of your life, as well as a fear of being misunderstood or judged by others. Consider whether there are any situations currently in your waking life that could be provoking these emotions.