Vikings in the Elevator

Date: 6/3/2017

By nebulae1

As the dream started, the first thing I saw was a MASSIVE GIGANTIC gray building. It was so big, it was in the clouds and I couldn't see across it. It was a big gray, block. The background was black and there were wispy clouds stretching about. I was in a SUPER huge building made for kids. I think these kids didn't have parents and were sent here for a purpose other than just being an orphan. I was one of these kids. At the ending of my dream, I walk into this elevator and it was the biggest elevator I've ever seen. It was bigger than my room in real life. I remember that the people in the elevator were partying and laughing and joking and they dragged me in and started talking with me. The elevator had grayish-white walls with a slightly weird texture and a smooth floor matching in color. Before I got off the elevator, there were two men that looked like Vikings. They were small for Vikings, looking like an average man today, but full out in beards and hair and old, dirty Viking clothes. They each carried a wooden beam almost twice the size of them. In the middle of each beam, was a metal spear wrapped around it. The spear was large, about the size of a fist if not bigger. The Vikings were very drunk, but very nice and cracking jokes a lot. But, with seriousness, one of them stated that they were going to put the spears in their mouths. I don't know if that meant through their cheeks, down their throats, or through their necks, but I didn't ask and I guess I won't ever fully know because I didn't see it happen- as they did it, all I saw was black- and then I obtained my vision again when they were done. After they were done, the one who had talked the most said that he was only doing this because he was super drunk and then he was going to hate himself when he had to take it out. The elevator then opened and they walked out. There was a scene change. On a beach, the two Vikings stumbled in the sand. The main Viking stumbled into frame first. He then stated how much he was going to hate himself for the hook, but still seemed driven on getting the hook out. He proceeded to get it out of him. Again, I didn't see this, but I heard it. I heard him cursing and talking throughout it. Surprisingly, it didn't take him long at all, maybe a few seconds. Then, the other Viking took his hook out, taking a couple seconds longer than the other one. When they were done, the first Viking clasped the other in a brotherly way and was talking to him, surprisingly calm after just taken a hook out if his face. They seemed to be bonding a lot over this. Down the beach, by the water sat two sets of two people. The sets were identical to each other. It was like seeing a mirror imagine on the beach if this couple. In each group, two people cuddled by the water. Each set of people looked to the other identical set across the beach, nodded, and looked back up to the sky. My dream ended.