Date: 7/11/2017

By MizorieLoveLace

I was in a cafe. And people kept on falling asleep. A crack head asked me for money. I had none. Sh started crying on my shoulder about how her life was. We walked towards a friends house who wasn't in but somehow we got inside. After that we walked down the high street looking for clothes some how I worked in Superdrug and forgot my days cause so much had being going on in my life. Nitka was the boss. I spoke to the woman at front asking if I could speak to Nitka, she said she can't allow me to see her as I don't have an appointment. She said Nitka is a real bitch and wants to fire your ass so I suggest you quit before she does. I walk over to the paying till and ask again for Nitka no one lets me see her. I kick open a door screaming for Nitka. She stands up like she owns the place and demands what I'm doing there. "I'm here cause your a crazy psycho bitch who loves to get of on being a bitch. I quit.... and fuck you!!!"