Vampire Neighbors

Date: 7/15/2017

By toxxicduck

In my first dream, my family moved into a huge gothic mansion in a neighborhood of gothic mansions. The whole area had a scary mansion theme: grayish-green grass yards around the houses, black iron pointy fences, dead grey trees, the houses made of black bricks and dark red wood, and grey shingles. The first thing I remember is standing on a large balcony on the second floor, edged by the pointed iron fence, and people appeared. They matched the gothic theme. Only the father and son were there in front of me, but I instantly knew what the rest of the family looked like in my head. There was man and woman, presumably the mother and father, but they looked pretty young and had three kids. The father was good looking, had black hair, and was wearing a snazzy vest. The mother had long wavy reddish hair and was wearing a jumpsuit akin to Uma Thurman's in Kill Bill. There was a 17 year old guy who looked almost exactly like the father, just a bit shorter, a 15 year old girl who looked younger than she was with a cute face, wearing a blue dress, and her light brown hair in a ponytail, and a little girl who was maybe 10 or 12, who just wore a t-shirt and shorts, and had short tomboyish hair (the only one not going according to the gothic theme). In the dream, I considered the 17 year old my same age, even though I'm 25, and I had a crush on him. Our families got along real great and dad and the other father guy were laughing together and everything. I somehow found out that the family were vampires, and it terrified me. I didn't like the son anymore, but he still liked me and kept flirting with me and following me around. I was suspicious and scared of them, but they were our neighbors so for some reason that meant I couldn't do anything about it. I also had to keep their secret. Then the dream was just me waking around the mansions encountering random things like a videogame. The son guy still followed me around, which I had mixed feelings about. I liked it but was super anxious about it. The other members of the family free range hung out in our mansion and vice versa. I went into a downstairs parlor and found the mom. She had a golden exclamation point above her head, like a quest marker in Diablo. She wanted me to get her something, but I don't remember what it was. I went upstairs and passed by the little girl. She was looking sickly and I suddenly had a new "quest" to cure her. I needed to destroy these green spiky crystal cluster things that were around the mansion. I called them Rifts even though they weren't portals or anything. I was a wizard and could shoot ice spikes. There were three clusters I needed to destroy within the time limit and the teenaged vampire guy helped me. One was up on the ceiling above the stairwell, and the others were in random places I don't quite remember, but by the time I got to the third one, I was pretty sure it was too late. Sure enough the next time I saw the little girl, she was resting on a lawn chair on the balcony, and her right leg below her knee was amputated and the stump was covered in bandages. And that's all I remember.