Basketball Moon

Date: 2/6/2017

By BrightApril

I'm with my friend and we're driving down a road near an empty field. It's the middle of the day but I can see the moon so I point it out to her. She seems confused and say that it's not the moon, then points out the window to the actual moon. We stop the car and get out to look at it. It looks like there are two moons that are pretty far away from each other, but one seems to be getting bigger. We are both confused and worried and start running back towards our car when it seems to be getting closer. We're too slow and it hits the ground ahead of us, but instead of causing a crater it just... bounces. Suddenly there's a hand and it's dribbling the not-moon like a basketball, and then we see the giant guy doing it (I wanna say it was Lebron James but I don't know anything about sports so I can't be sure) Both the oddest and most comprehensible dream I have ever had, funnily enough.