Dogs and Missing The Bus

Date: 3/1/2017

By cucharasenpai

We had a lot of small dogs inside the house, so I guess we had to sell them. We were waiting for people to come when this ogre kind of guy showed up, who I think was a family friend. He was nice enough, but my family didn't want him touching things because he'd make them smell. He left his dog, though, when he left so me and my sister went to the vet to find the man. For some reason my sister had to have her bowels cleaned there and the dog had a chip or something like that. Both would somehow lead us to the guy. Outside the vet's room was my school, so I left with a stream of other people when one of my sister's friends came. I bought candy from him on my way out, but then I realized I didn't have any of my stuff and I was going to miss the bus. I ran out, screaming for her to stop because I needed my stuff and she needed go drive us. I didn't know how she or the candy guy knew which bus would take them home, because they were both adults. I sat up on the hill, and at my candy. After some Skittles antics, I started eating the sour patch kids that I bought. Deeper into the box they turned into gummy fish, and they progressively got weirder from there. I ended up screaming because the girl I was sharing with and I had found little bait fish/anchovies in the gummies. Then I woke up.