My dad the Roman

Date: 2/24/2019

By pretzeling

My dad became a historical re-enacter/LARPer as a hobby. He joined a group that had recreated a resort-like Roman temple and bath house. The group gave educational talks about Roman times. A bratty kid I knew from elementary school and I met up to have a “tour” of the place. We had to rush because I was going in between classes. My dad seemed to treat me as more a stranger than a daughter. He showed us around in a toga and took us up to this big balcony overlooking a pool. The view was spectacular. The kid I was with started climbing over the railing on the balcony and my dad yelled at him for screwing around and putting himself in danger. Later I think I met up with some other friends / family too and went to a bar in the Roman temple. I had 3 drinks, the last of which was vodka mixed with something very fruity. I was hammering them down and knew I was going to get very drunk. At this point things became very futuristic. One of my friends passed out from drinking too much (I assumed) and I couldn’t wake them up. Also just before that they had been fired from their new job because the client didn’t like their estimate for when the work would be done. I remember it had been a long time and they still were doubled over passed out so I thought something fishy was going on. I think someone called 911 at some point. Later on I met the friend at a hospital and it turns out they had “stomach spasms that caused a serious brain bleed”. This made no sense but I accepted it. The hospital room wall at the head of the bed was all glass and it showed a ton of tree branches outside and lots of sunlight filtering in, very idyllic and summery. I sat in a chair. It had taken my friend a long time to recover in rehab from the stroke and they were worried about having permanent brain damage. They were convinced they didn’t sound normal, had a lower IQ, couldn’t do schoolwork anymore etc. I spent a long time trying to convince them that they had recovered fine and sounded normal to me. But I was scared because like, if you have a stroke so young, it seems likely that something’s very wrong and you’ll have another one eventually. Later I was telling my friend about the dream and reading the dream on this app. In my dream-writing, I said that when I came to see them in the hospital I brought “chocolate-covered soy pretzels” as a gift. Wtf is a soy pretzel?