Cole Sprouse

Date: 8/8/2017

By ace200

I was with my sister at school and somehow our mom had a connection with Cole Sprouse and we would be going on vacation with him and his family. Caitlyn was apparently coming too and Maddy, since they are like my sisters. We went to Colorado and I remember he was really nice. We did horseback riding. He brought a friend that looked like Michael from work. I think we did something bad because I ended up forced to see my counselor at school who said I could only eat vegetables and couldn't eat in the cafeteria. I posted a pic of me and Cole on Instagram and everyone at school flipped. I was then an outsider watching events at a school. These kids were picking on a boy and a girl and was planned on bumping their teeth together in the girl's locker room, but the boy was smart and escaped it. Everyone seemed to have dogs. I found out it wasn't real and was just a play they were video taping for science class. I remember being at home and seeing a baby turtle fall from the sky and land on my back porch. I go to save it, but it's now a hamburger but I'm just as concerned. I see the mother hamburger nearby and reunite them.