Matcha tea and weirdness ensues

Date: 5/28/2019

By FaithB99

So the first part of the dream I remember is eating lunch or dinner with some friends. Bailey, Mike and Sav were there, not unusual, but Hien was also there even though we haven’t spoken in months. Hien and I were ordering some weird sort of shaped bread from one of several booths that were in the cafeteria, and afterwards headed back to the table. I remember thinking it might be awkward for Hien, my high school crush, to be meeting Bailey, my boyfriend. At some point the dream changed and I was at home. One of my other friends, Fatima, was there for some reason. We had hidden all sweets from her for some sort of medical reason and I was grabbing something sweet for a late night snack. Fatima came in and was going to sneak some sweets even though she wasn’t supposed to have any. I was going to let her, but my grandma came in so Fatima his. My grandma got out some weird matcha kit that included chopsticks and various flavors of matcha and started messing with it. She asked me to come help her with it and I started looking at the different flavors. At one point the dream changed again, this time it was still at my house but my dad had come over and was trying to fix various things. He also was cooking something but left it unsupervised on the stove so I wound up watching it. Then later on, some random girls got sick or something, and we decided to treat them using the matcha kit my grandma had. There was more that happened in between all that, but I can’t remember it. Something about a school paper i was writing.