short lucid dream! anyone have a few tips?

Date: 8/14/2016

By laramc

As the title states, I had a very short lucid dream. The reason it was short is most likely because of the weird way I figured out I was dreaming. I was dreaming I was 'awake' and about to go to bed, then I recited a few lucid dreaming lines, just like I do usually. Then I do something with my pencil case, I really can't remember, I think I hold it and look at the detail as I 'fall asleep'. In what feels like a second I'm in my room holding an unfamiliar pencil case, it is now that I realise I'm dreaming. I get excited (probably also why the dream was short) and try a few things. However I drift back into a normal dream soon, I don't know how to stay lucid for longer, this usually happens for me, I become lucid and before I can do anything, I drift back to unconsciousness.. Does anyone know some tips?