Shooting at us on elevator

Date: 3/25/2017

By Brennie369

I was walking home but got turned around and didn't know if I was walking in the right direction. I felt panicked so I called a friend who was able to use a compass in her phone to help guide me. Suddenly she appeared in person but was a guy now walking with me. We were walking through downtown and now in a highrise, so we decided to go from rooftop to rooftop. We made our way to the top then waited for an ekevator. There were people from AAA Electric running them. We got into the elevator and it started descending erratically. Then I saw the tip of a shotgun appear in a hole in the door, then it fired. I moved away in time to dodge the bullet and wrapped my hands around the gun so it couldn't see where to shoot next. Me and others on the elevator were able to "kill" it by smashing it. Then the elevator stopped and as we got off, a voice said, "You don't understand. I was killing what was left behind you."