Weird Telemarker Twist

Date: 7/5/2017

By Fitful

I was dreaming much more of this scene, the tale end of it I remember. It ended with me, who had been groomed to work for a family business, was cleaning without a shopping cart. I wore a metal rooster from my waist pouch and all my cleaning supplies I carried. Usually everyone would roll cart with their things but I didn't trust the cart. My mother was very proud of me, the dream came from her perspective. ~ I answered a phone call, there was a headset with a microphone lying about and I randomly out it on, pleased to see it was connected to the program on the interned to was exploring. It turned out I had a phone call, which I answered just for fun. It was a telemarketer, he was asking me in this oh so polite way to support the program. It was an automatic call the program pushed, not something which had coincidently came up just as I began the program. ~ I listened to him for a ramble while on his selling script, then suddenly noting he was listening to a football game in the background I interrupted him. I began asking him this random nonsense which I really wanted to know. I suddenly felt facetious and playful and quite a bit insane. It reads as follows. "Tell me, when you watch the game, and it's the end and the last person plays their hand at whatever throw their going to make to win it for you team (I really know nothing about sports for the proper terms) do you focus your will? " He made a displeased, unsure sound. I pressed on, very intent. "Do you try and force the win you want to happen with the force of your will? Do you use all that energy to make it happen in reality? Do you imagine the outcome, hoping it will occur, knowing it will, using all though, willpower, and magick to bring it about?" "What are you talking about?" The telemarketer is very angry, well alarmed, and things grow more strange. I might have continued on taking in the same vein as the rest happens. As I started in on this interrogation of my own, my friends in the room begin acting weird. This pony rich white guy, who is dating this black girl is very amused by the whole thing laughs a bit at my teasing. The black girl is listening but gets caught up in the story, and somehow begins to look very aroused. My other friend, who is a black guy also seems very aroused, not by the story but by her. Her boyfriend seems very unconcerned. By the time I'm done with the talk about will and allusions to magic, the girl is staring at the wall, like she sees something beyond it, she's crept up to it, we all have sort of, and she is so aroused it's almost certain to all of us she is about to go hump the wall. The black guy seems to be staring at her about to go fuck her in turn, but abruptly he walks right by her and cross the room suddenly uninterested too. I forget about the telemarketer in fascination about my friends, they really are much more interesting than teasing him. I'm well aware he thinks I'm utterly crazy, which I feel is deserved, (I was sorta going for deranged don't call again) , and the phone like is dead silent. He can hear what is going on on my end. As if, even tho we aren't saying anything he can hear the oddness happening, I know he can see the weirdness my friend are enacting. I wouldn't be surprised if he hung up on his own, freaked out. Then she does go to the wall and begins to rut it, and the phone in my hand (the headset has long since turned into a hand phone with a curly cord like old phones) is suddenly a tee-shirt and I have this strong urge to fold it. It might resemble a sports shirt, white and red, but I don't really know sports so I'm not sure.