I am tiff?, Crazy Teenager In A Store screaming "I'm dreaming" (I'm the crazy teenager even though I am in 6th grade in reality) and totally black view

Date: 6/29/2017

By LissyDreamsOfFaith

(1) I was Tiff and in my bedroom it wasn't my bedroom In reality to be exact it was totally pink pink bed pink dresser pink bookshelf pink diary and even a pink sofa with black and white pillows on it. I screamed I'm dreaming then I had another dream like a false awakening (2) I woke up, then something popped up in my brain. I started running around in the grocery store screaming "I'm dreaming!" A lot of people got shocked then I had another dream (3) I woke up in a totally black room and I was frozen. I was able to blurt out "Wake up!" I had another false awakening I forgot already Note: You might know but Tiff is from the series Kirby Right Back At Ya