galla event (9/4/19)

Date: 9/5/2019

By jadaking

we were hosting a huge galla, i was in a nice dress and was like in charge with all these people but i didn’t know where my room was at the hotel, i ran into mason and we went on an adventure. We were in New York for the galla. Mason was wearing a suit I remember jumping onto a platform of wood that was on the river and mason fell into the water LOL with his phone. we couldn’t get off the wood so we had to sail down the river until we hit a rock. We finally got off but lost our hotel, we walked for hours i had to be ready by 7:30, we found our hotel & sam was walking famous guest into the event. We found kaylee sleeva and she helped us to our floor ( still had no idea what room i was) on that floor we ran into evan matteo matt tyler makayla & lauren, makayla was in my room so she helped me get there. Mason was soaking wet, we starting laughing at each other his phone & speaker still worked At the event nico was there, he was one of the bigger guys at this galla and we all had to sever everyone, i made mason come help to