Masons and skycraper workers

Date: 8/2/2017

By jaylawrence

In my dream I saw several workers and artisans, the setting is in the early 80s, it seemed the workers are using low tech equipments, and they are labeled as skilled filipino overseas workers. They are building a church, in this dream it was the unfinished building at NLEX Dau exit, the said church was so high you could see workers perched on top and worked on harness and some are doing death defying stunts. The foreigner contractor are so proud of them, if it is made of filipino artisans this of course is very good. Then I visited the church again after its finished, I talked to one of the builder, and notice that some portion of the church near the basin of holy water sunk, the man told me it could have been corrupted with materials used, then I saw his very cute grand daughter about 3 years old. I gave her 100 peso bill and she is quite happy about it, his son took my old car parked near the church, maneuver it to safe parking and then as if in a valet parking gave it back to me.