Boys, boys, boys. What have you gotten yourself into this time? (Long)

Date: 3/29/2017

By laramc

One afternoon, I was hanging around the front lawn of my place when Tom decided he wanted to come over, for what reason, I don't know. (Tom and I aren't friends, well, we don't talk.) Kiralea was there too (for the first part). We were locked out so we climbed the garage up into the balcony. Something got in our way of getting back down and I ended up having to fly down, carrying kiralea. ------- The next morning I woke up and went downstairs, no one else in my family were awake. The floor of my living room was covered in mattresses and when I entered the dining room, Tom had brought all his outside-of-school friends over. They had made camp in my house. I panicked and yelled at them , somehow not waking the rest of my family. I confronted Tom and asked him: "What the f*** do you think your doing?!" He just smirked and shrugged, typical Tom. I went back upstairs and noticed my family starting to wake up, so I ran back downstairs and told the guys, if they packed everything up, right now, and left before my family came downstairs, we'd be cool. They were kind of hesitant, but when I walked upstairs and saw mum heading down, I talked to her for a bit, and they heard me. I heard them finally shuffle around downstairs. Eventually mum pushed passed me and walked downstairs, me behind her, my head down. She was quiet for a minute. When I looked up, all the boys clothes were folded, the mattresses were propped up against a wall and they had paused packing their bags, looking at mum. I broke the silence. "Mum.. they stayed the night. They needed somewhere to stay and they were packing everything up. They are just about to leave." She nodded at me, with a look that said 'we'll talk later.' And headed back upstairs to get ready for work. I looked at them and told them to hurry up, mum might be cool, but baba (dad) would not be, they were toast if he found out. After being caught by mum already, they'd seen her initial expression, they finally nodded and got back to work. Walking upstairs, baba was waking up. I knew he wouldn't go downstairs for a while, but I talked to him, stalling him for a bit anyway. He continued to get ready for work, and when he was almost done, I headed downstairs to tell the boys they'd better be ready to leave. They weren't in the lounge room, or the dining room. They were packed and hanging out in my sunroom, Tom standing in the bathroom, door wide, in front of the mirror. Looking at the other boys who I'd seen before through snapchat and Instagram, I head into the bathroom to talk to Tom. We talk quickly, him almost sorry for disturbing us, me understanding whatever trouble they had gotten into, they needed a place to stay for one night. For the first time, we understood each other. He was still being a d*ick about it, though. Some things never change. They boys head out to leave, walking out the door one by one, quietly thanking me as they continue to chat and laugh among one another. As the last boy leaves and I close the door, baba walks into the sunroom. --------- The next day I get a phone call, Tom is speaking to me. I don't say a thing, as I usually do when I get a call from an unknown number. I wait for him to talk. When he realises no one is on the other side, he starts to spill his guts. He talks about how he has so many issues at home, his friends and him always run into trouble, they stayed at a girls house, in secret, one night. Things were getting out of hand with 'the blues.' When he was finally about to spill the name of the man who 'f**ked up his life', he paused. "I'm just kidding p, I know you can hear me Jenny, this is a fake f**cking call!" And hung up. I'm not Jenny, I was about to ring back and tell him this, laugh at his mistake, but then I heard my alarm in the distance, and I resurfaced from the dream, and woke up, to type this out. :)