Family dinner

Date: 7/26/2019

By GlitchedSanity

I was walking down a dirt road to an old country manor, once I got there I was in a backyard of a Australian house, I went in the back door then I was inside the huge manor. Inside the kitchen/dining hall there was the family alongside the other eccentric guests that were invited. The food was almost ready but they needed more plates. All the waiters/butlers were new so they were walking all jangly and dropping the fancy stone plates and glasses but they were bouncing. One of the guests were walking out to do something and introduced themselves on the way out. I jumped in front of them and opened the door for them then walked with thrm to where we needed to go. Along the way we spoke about everything, I felt like I learnt so much and yet I knew everything. The journey felt like it lasted years. Once we got back inside the manor through the back door of the Australian house, the manor was dark dusty and the servants and guests were gone. All around the table was the family still sitting there but they were all small and fat toddler sized goblin looking old men eating dark blue grapes except for the boy who we spoke about on our journey hey was being ridicules because he was eating colored grapes and talking about not being like the goblins. As I watched the get up and walk slowly walk away the dream faded until I woke. Wake.