Weird American Dream

Date: 8/26/2017

By danieleigh93

So I sent this to my American friend at 7am when I was still half asleep, just woken up from my dream. I went to America and I met your mum and your family and I said to your mum I was sorry if I swore but I was gonna try REALLY hard not to because it's just what I'm used to. Then we had to take this swimming pool rope swing to your place and me and your mum sat on sun chairs whilst you messed about in the pool with your sisters. Then we went to your house and you lived on a weird compound and people kept saying I shouldn't be there and I was scared because you left me alone for five minutes so I had to run from this creepy shop keeper guy. This was after you wouldn't let me go into the shop to get Arizona ice tea by the way so I was sad. Then I had to climb your house and through a window to get away from shop keeper dude. Your mum was not impressed wth me but they'd made roast dinner so that was okay. Then you were with me in England with my work friends who were drinking and Louis and Jason were playing with condoms. My manager asked me to cut his hair but I said you should do it because you'd be better. But we all eventually agreed after you told us his hair was crap and unsalable anyway. Then you said we'd have to go soon because we were back in America tomorrow because you had to take your sister to the co-op clothes depot which sounded weird but legit and you can buy all the clothes you want for $90 ...... it was a weird dream.