Date: 1/20/2017

By haryanto212

it start at a gym, a small 2 stories gym, not a usual gym that i usually go, this one ia strange. i worked out as usual, then when i went to treadmil suddenly i loose focus and woke up at a warehouse. it seems there is a variety show shoot at that warehouse, oh....!! a running man shoot, and i'm part of its guest....!! well im so happy, i can meet them all, i mean they are my idol usially yoo jaesuk and jongkook. they give us mission amd riddleto solve, it seem like easy riddle and myind saying that its easy, i cam solve it in minutes. bit strangely i can't finish it, even though my mind know the answer, my hand wont write it well. my hands always ended up draw scary things. and the light at warehouse begin to faded. i dont know what to do, and other runningman member begin to feel strange too. when it become dark, we suddenly see ghost....!! yea, some ghost that passed us and scared us. we tried to run outside the warehouse but after we open a door that we thought the main door, we still inside? it inside the building, the warehouse is onside a bigger building. we run into a lady with lamp oil, we begged for her help, we dont know wether she is one of the ghost or not. suddenly she said "i can only help him" point at me...? "he is the only one a living being here, therefore he is the only one can get out" "but he can bring you all out later" all the running man member agreed and said to me, "hyung, dont forget about us, you come and find us after you get out, okay?" suddenly the lady slap me with her oil lamp and i woke up inside an abonden building like some mall. and it is morning. i ran out as fast as i could, not look back. i call local official and told them there is 7 people trapped there. the locals are gathered and helping me and officials to find them. they even called some powerful pshychic to help us and it works. those pshycic said there is so much dark and evil spirit inside the building. and we then found 5 unborn babies (janin), a girl body (look like she is raped and killed and dumped there) and an unknown body that almost become a skeleton. we get them out, make some ruwatan (ceremony to take negative aura from yhe buolding) and make ceremony to repel the evil spirit. as i get out again from tjat building, i heard from locals that they will demolosh that building and government want to build a shopping mal there. (i said to myself, i will never step into that fucking mall) the suddenly i vomit, all what ive been eat was thrown out. i feel sad for those 7 spirit who died on vain, i pray for their spirit to be received in heaven. then my aunt picke up from the crowded.