Held Hostage by Jason

Date: 4/9/2017

By ivielee

I had a dream I was at a hotel on vacation and a guy and a girl came in and it was Jason and some crazy girl and I don't exactly remember but we were watching videos of paramore and then they started acting weird like they were in on a plan and they opened the door for someone who carried in a coffin and it was like a singing telegram and the person in the coffin sang and I was confused and didn't get why they did that and they wouldn't let me leave and asked if I wanted to have a threesome and I said no but the girl went to the bathroom to get ready and a Jason got lemons and sprayed them in my eyes so I would go blind and when I closed them he was happy and took advantage of me and was kissing me and about to put it in so I told him he was scaring me and he softened up and had a sad face like the face he had when we finished Fault In Our Stars and said please don't stop and I said baby you're scaring me and Cami called and was back at the hotel room so I answered and said just wait and got my stuff and she came in and didn't know what was happened and I told her to wait for me but the girl came out of the bathroom with a hot iron in the shape of an o and followed us into the elevator with it and we ran in and were going to escape but they had Dad with them who was telling us to go but I tried to grab him in with us to leave and they were branding us and then I woke up in a different scene with my whole family and we were at the hotel still but walking out to a restaurant bar garden thing at night and there were people around who were also taken and brainwashed and mom and Dad said we need to be careful because we didn't understand that it was dangerous and I recognized some people like Jared from Twitter and he said omg I love you Ivie and walked away and we sat down for dinner and my mom suddenly said we should just stay here forever and we were confused like what's wrong with you we can't and then I woke up