Druggy, Alcoholic Uncles, bouncy balls

Date: 2/24/2017

By seascarlet

1: My low-life, scary junkie uncle had taken up residence in my house because I wasn't staying in it enough. I thought maybe if I stayed there more I could nugde him out, so I did. This only resulted in him trying to molest me. At one point I ran from him and he chased me, and suddenly his even worse millionaire, narcissist alcoholic brother showed up. This other uncle came up behind him and slashed his throat open with a machete, killing him. Suddenly I was with Jeff and explaining to him that I wanted to sell the house because I didn't want to live there after watching my uncle murder my other uncle there, etc. He disagreed and wanted to keep the house. I told him I would consider his feelings and think about it, but really didn't even want to go back there. 2: This dream was just a continuation of what I was doing before bed, looking for bouncy balls. My black cat loves them so irl I got him a bag of little neon ones with smiley faces that he's lost all over the house. Last night I was going around gathering them up like easter eggs, and then in this dream I was doing the same but there were a ton more in way more colors, and they were in really weird places. We suddenly had a vending machine full of little toys and they were in it too, looking through the glass with their smiley faces. I was like wth, how did you manage that? to my cat.