Dylan's Shootout

Date: 1/21/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was watching some video, or maybe watching through a window, I don't remember. Dylan Frere was there, he is popular in a way I guess but I didn't think he would get this deep into a mess. He was part of some gang? Or something, and I saw him with a automatic gun, an uzi or mp5. He shot someone, but that person didn't even feel much, maybe he had a bulletproof vest on. He shot Dylan back, and man it looked sad and depressing to watch, Dylan shot him a few more times, he shot back. They exchanged fire but Dylan was the only one getting hurt since the other guy was immortal or had a vest, he didn't look like he was getting hurt. Dylan was covering the bullet wound with his hand, and he collapsed to the ground, still trying to shoot. Something about it was creepy, and every once in a while I get this feeling, I can't describe it very well, it felt sinister. Then I Woke Up.