Animal Wrangling?

Date: 4/22/2019

By madeofmold

I was in a house (not our own nor one I recognize) in a cozy neighborhood. None of the yards had fences, and there was a little brook going from behind our house further into the neighborhood. It was raining. I kept coming across animals in/around the house, and I guess there was something nefarious going on, because I had a little blue light to shine on them to tell the special animals apart. These creatures (small lizards, snakes, etc) did not seem any different from the regular animals, but they all kept biting me every time I picked up an animal. The last one I found, a little snake, kept chomping on me unless I shoved my hand inside its mouth and held its fangs in place (which is not even the proper technique to holding a snake without being bitten — you have to pinch the sides of its head behind the jaw to lock the jaw open), so I held it carefully and ran to the open back door to the brook. I threw it into the brook, right before I realized there were a couple elderly ladies walking past at that moment, and I startled them with the snake’s splash. They rounded the corner and saw me, and I was on the ground laughing while trying to apologize to them. Then I woke up.