Dream Childhood Fading

Date: 2/17/2017

By Fitful

I was in a school. My age remains undetermined but it was definitely a boarding school and allowed any age of students there. It was also magic which had got me there I think, but it wasn't a magic school. Just a normal school and a few strong wishes had made my life finally content. There was an island, well three islands, and they sat in the middle of space, all linked together by a rock puzzle ancient mechanism underneath the islands, so it made a makeshift planet. This is where I got my magic from. And it was constantly with me, in a pocket dimension, available in the form of a Djinn​. It had apparently been with me for a years, got me here, into a comfortable life. I had lots of toys in my room, little non consequential things to a beloved teddy bear kept safe in a trunk to a modest collection of clothes nice and stylish. But I was being told on a daily basis (hourly basis) by the Djinn I didn't need him anymore. I knew this, he was leaving it wasn't exactly fine but he kept telling me as if it was more important news than I thought. I guess I wasn't listening, it hurt to think he was leaving, so when my stuff started to disappear I felt so betrayed. Little toys around the room began to go at first. Then all the toys in my windows (the front of my room had a window front like Macy's with all my best toys on display to the hallway). Then my teddy bear went and the other plushies I kept safe in the trunk. A few precious ones from my childhood. A heffalump and a mouse. And then all my clothes left too, right in the middle of a shower. It was like every wish I had made my entire life, everything granted me to lift my spirits and make me hopeful, was gone. Like it was suddenly the end of a cautionary tale. It had been a loan. I just suddenly realized it. I mean I knew my childhood had been wanting, felt the lack of parents but the magic which had come into it was supposed to make it all better. However there appeared to be an expiration date on the fairy tale and it just came due. And I got to keep nothing but the memories. There was a guy in a room down the hallway. He was actually an adult, a lot irresponsible, and he also had nothing to his name except this passel of Dalmatian puppies. After the Djinn left I was so sad I was always over there to play with the puppies. It made me so happy, even if it felt like my whole life was over beneath the puppy buffer. The head mistress of the school didn't like me much, well didn't like anyone the students assumed, and was very cruel to me. Made blatant innuendos as to why I was in a man's room, but the puppies shut her up. She didn't like animals and if I was keeping them from wandering around while he was in class she couldn't really say anything. I was playing with the puppies one day when they all peed the bed. The guy had a white bed and I went to the shower and washed all the puppies.