The girl

Date: 4/3/2017

By JonathanGabriel

I was in Gensokyo with two friends, Richilye, and a girl that don't exist, i was searching for Richilye and the girl, Richilye was searching cirno because she is his waifu, and the girl was searching for flandre scarlet because she is her waifu too, i was speaking with they using a cell phone, i was in reimu's house. dream change. i was watching a live stream from a brazilian youtuber called velberan, he was playing a game from ps2, that game don't exist, in the game you was a detective, in the first mission you was searching for a serial killer that was in a abandon building, you could use a lot of itens to find the killer. dream change. i was in a island watching illyasviel from fate stay night fighting against edward from fullmetal alchemist. i wake up