Up on the mountain

Date: 5/16/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was in the suburbs of a city that looked like Rome. There I was looking for some place to eat with my family and a friend of mine, Aurora, with her mum. It was like any other dream in which I've looked for some place to eat, there where food trucks and kiosks of junk food. But I was playing a game in which there was a list of people and I picked up a girl who does a blowjob and Aurora which is very pudic was a little bit shook. Then the scene moved to the bottom of a mountain/hill, which looked quite wild. We had to climb up the mountain though it was quite an easy route because normal people where there and it wasn't that steep. And there I met a guy who was walking a dog who had a really human and cute face. He made a strange and cute expression and didn't even look like a dog. I kept repeating to him how adorable that dog was.