John Mulaney and space spaghetti

Date: 8/13/2017

By girldynamo

This dream was super long and convoluted. The first part I vaguely remember being tense and a little scary, but it ended with me and my friends going to see a john mulaney show. As my parents were driving me home, my dad kept asking things like, "Do you want to go see the light house?" and my mom kept telling him, "No, we really have to go home so I can go to my meeting" until he got it. After that, it turned into something that was definitely Star Wars influenced. It was like i was watching a movie about padme amidala waking up from being cryogenically frozen on a space station and sneaking around until she found her wizened old space mentor. Apparently there was a false queen that padme had to overthrow and who was trying to hunt down her and the mentor. There was a lot revolving around Space Food, which was basically just weird spaghetti. The cat I'm cat sitting woke me up before anything really interesting could happen.