Hiveswap+New dog

Date: 4/5/2017

By Macabrony

I was one of the two kids from the game Hiveswap. we were running on the bank of a lake as black eye-less monsters crawled out of it and down from the forest and behind the houses above us. We ran all the we back to our house and my brother ran all the way to his tree house. Our plan was to meet there and keep the monsters from getting us. I got cornered or one of the black troll/goblin looking monsters grabbed my leg and pulled me back. I scurried up on our parents' blue car and grabbed a heavy stick to protect myself. I was trying to jump onto the RV and then to the roof to make it to the treehouse but the monster was right behind me. I hit him with the club and he hissed as he flew back and hit the car on the way down. I jumped to the RV. Later another dream began... Me and my family went to the local pet shelter to look for a new dog. We saw this adorable German Shepherd puppy and took it. I was such a good dog that we didn't need a leash for it and once we were finished at the desk we walked out the door and to our car. The puppy knew that it was free and started to wander away from us. (that's all I remember) THE END