Sleep paralysis when I fell asleep at school!

Date: 3/17/2017

By amandamond

So this happened a few months ago but I was watching a movie in English and I had gotten little to no sleep the night before and I hadn't slept well for about a week and when the teacher dimmed the lights I knew it wouldn't be long before I rest my head on my arms and fall asleep... anyway so I do and I sleep for about 30 minutes as we're watching scenes from Romeo and Juliet or something and she turns on the lights I wake up but I can't move my body at all. I start panicking because I don't want to get caught (this was my first experience with sleep paralysis but I've had it a couple times since) the teacher was super strict and she was going around the room to check our notes, she was getting closer and I was literally pissing myself and I am not joking I wake up 1 second before she looks at me! When I sit up I feel quite dizzy and I notice my whole body is sweaty and my heart is beating super fast. I knew what sleep paralysis was because of Shane Dawson (lol)