Shadow costume

Date: 7/25/2017

By tiptipkitten

Me and my sister were playing a video game called breath of the wild (even though it's single player in real life and the game is almost nothing like it) and it seemed like we were actually in the game. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to have separate costumes so I told her we should split and buy our costumes then I pointed to where we should meet up. I headed in one direction and ended up In a game stop. I searched around for my costume but all that was there was a bunch of doctor who stuff. I made a comment about how it was a good i idea of Gabe's Mom to move near this GameStop because she loved doctor who so much. I left the store and headed to an almost playground looking area and found nothing of interest so I left and went to the meeting place. Alena (my sister) was already there and in a Link costume. She asked where my costume was and I said I couldn't find it. She explained what the store looked like and I said I know and I didn't see any in the area. She then pointed from where I came from and there was indeed a shop over there. I got a bit angry and told her that it wasn't there before, she rolled her eyes at me and we rode our paraglider over there. The shop had a spiral ramp up to a circle hut like building. I don't remember the inside but we came out and I was in the shadow Link costume. Me and Alena separated some where so I met up with her in a field near a lake (one of the meeting places) I showed her my costume and the fact that when I unsheathe my sword my character threw down the sheathe (much like reapers guns in overwatch) and a new one appeared when I sheathed it back a new one appeared in the old ones place. My memory messed up at the end but something happened and we talked to someone about the about the lake and dangerous things. Then I woke up.