Dream Where Guy Told me He Told My Crush He Liked Her

Date: 12/5/2022

By coll23

We were on my bed in my dorm naked for some reason (me and the guys). It smelled bad. I was just there and I remember we were in some sort of mall and I put gum on a guy's backpack and he got pissed. I laid on the floor. There was a scene change from the mall to the dorm room I previously mentioned and I was suddenly laying on my dorm room bed with these guys. They were people I knew from school and I was sandwiched between them. I said sorry for putting gum on the backpack but I apologized to a guy who I didn't put gum on his backpack. So he tells me "man I asked *insert my crush's name* out but she hasnt answered" and I could feel my heart sink in the dream. He then says "oh but it's hard for me to not put girls on a pedestal" and I say "you know that's not a healthy mindset to have" then we talk about how it's weird that time flies so fast. Then I wake up.