It is not a magic but it is poison

Date: 6/25/2017

By wanderingSnake

Trudging through underground sewers with an old man and a green lit lantern we investigated rumors of powerful necromancy happening in the sewer systems. knee deep in the questionable waters I start to hear noises and hallucinate of bright yellow green lights and carvings of a bastardized version of the Egyptian eye symbol, at the end of the tunnel it burned bright with the sickly colours and the symbol burning and wavering in the air, the sight of it burnt into my soul and my mind tearing me apart with fear of this unknown apparition, the fear of what would follow. the old man must of noticed me tripping out and pulled me from my stupor , holding my shoulder he pointed to the waters "it's not magic but poison, see the water it's not right! there's a beast there it pollutes the water ways we must kill it" sure enough a long black mermaid creature with the tail of an eel and the horns of a goat swam through the tunnels under grates into unknown areas green muck sloughing of its self as it makes its way deeper into the sewers. We gave chase I was still hallucinating about the eyes as we tried in vain to catch and kill the creature. I think I picked up an amulet along the way with the strange eye etched onto it, maybe it was necromancers after all.