Exes, Gma J, T crying

Date: 3/24/2019

By Yeraz

I need to get better with writing my dreams. A few nights ago I dreamt I saw a few of my exes/guys I dated: A and G. A was like singing karaoke and completely ignoring me on purpose. G was being really nice, smiling and putting his arms toward me, not sure why. Sometimes I dream of exes before getting another bf, but idk, not one in sight these days haha. Then 2 nights ago I dreamt Gma J was looking at my Facebook and supposedly somehow there was a man emoji in my “about me” part - supposedly meaning a bf or husband or something? Somehow Gma J “liked” my bio (which you can’t even do, to my knowledge) because she liked that I supposedly found a boyfriend/husband. I was confused in the dream like, what, I don’t have a bf so idk what she’s liking. I seemed annoyed or mad. Then T was in my dream in jail which he really is in real life. P and I went to visit him. T started crying and appeared full of sorrow. I started crying a little and was trying to hide it from P. P was neutral and just treating the visit like another adventure, happy to see T. It seemed T was crying because he had missed P so much/really wanted to see him in person. Then a woman in jail was acting crazy and was screaming random stuff at me, seemingly threats. I was confused because I didn’t know her. Somehow she arranged for a gang/mafia acquaintance of hers to be waiting outside in a van when I left the building to like shoot me or something. He was there when I left but didn’t shoot. It was just weird and creepy.