fucking pam's roommate

Date: 6/12/2019

By theoniichan

I was with friends going in to some place flying in a space ship that on the inside it was like a 2 floor house, me and my best friend pam went to her room where her roomate was "sleeping" we had the plan to fuck her roomate at the same time Pam lade out a hair dryer to make a little noise to cancel the moaning if any was going to come out. I was going to check on the door to make sure no one comes inside the room, when I come back Pam already is naked and has her roommate's pussy out she sticks her dick in her explaining that it feels that her dick it too short or to that she feels that it's not long enough.She starts thrusting and banging her roomate and I was like let me do some but it was too late she came inside her roomate. Pam to then said sorry I'll let you fuck her next time.