Date: 5/31/2017

By emospaceman

I was in a science class that I've never been in before. The teacher was unfamiliar, but Mrs. Hasset was there too. Everyone had their notebooks and were copying down which parts of the cell they were assigned. I didn't have my notebook, so I stood up to go get it. The unfamiliar teacher asked where I was going and I told her, "I need to get my notebook." She replied, "Isn't that a little awkward?" I rolled my eyes and left. I went to Mr. Melvin's room and grabbed my notebook. Damien was in there doing something on the board. Somebody else was too, but either she was unfamiliar or I can't remember. I said something witty to Damien with a smirk, and he replied. He had the projector and was moving the camera around. While leaving the classroom, I had an idea for a fanfiction that I don't remember now. The trip back took much longer than the trip there. I saw many familiar faces on my way back, some of them my own friends and some like Will Roland. I saw Sara, and thought of this joke: "Let me finish my corn dog." "You don't have a corn dog." "I corn-not believe you dog't get it." It was such an awful pun I woke up before I got the chance to tell her the joke.